It's time that you became your own #goals...

Stop wondering how she has the dream house, car, husband, children, job, or business and start creating your own dream life!

Look, I know exactly what it feels like to be stuck in life. Meanwhile, you see other people living it up on social media and you consistently find yourself asking....

"What am I doing wrong?"


It's not that you're doing anything wrong...it's just that you aren't doing the 5 core things that I share in my book.

Look, I've literally crammed over 5 years of lessons that took me from feeling stuck, unproductive, and flat out hating on other women that I saw on social media to becoming my own #goals. Honey....I'm living the dream and you should be too!

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with this one.

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    Hi there, I'm Fo!

    I help women achieve their personal & professional goals so they can live their dream life.

    I’m a self proclaimed "inspirationalist" and it is my passion to see women excel in every area of their life. For over 5 years, I have created content that inspires women from across the globe in the areas of faith, finances, and personal & professional development.

    In addition to blogging, I am an author, content creator, DIY fashionista, and magazine contributor. I published my first book, They That Wait, in 2015 to help women discover tools needed to live godly lives.

    When I’m not finding new ways to serve you, I’m working as a full time engineer. The unique perspective and drive for continuous improvement that is needed to be successful in my career is mirrored in the work that I do here.

    On a personal note... I am a South Carolina (USA) native and I am southern through and through. I’m a former pageant queen who enjoys her tea sweet, grits with salt (not sugar), and walking barefoot in the grass.

    I am wife to the most incredible husband, who is also my resident photographer and personal coach. Together, we are champions for financial freedom and education and were recently featured on the His and Her Money podast.

    In everything that I do, I hope to inspire someone to be the best version of themselves! Be sure to connect with me by subscribing to my newsletter. There, you'll get monthly emails from me that are a mix of humor, wit, advice, and inspiration to help you get to your dream life.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you'll stick around!




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