5 Must Have Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals This Year

The excitement of the new year is slowly wearing off and now is the time where folks are either committed to your goals or calling it quits. Trust me, most already have, but you don’t have to be one in the number. So I decided to share with you some resources that will help keep you on track.

I spent most of December developing systems and process that would set me up for a stellar 2018. I don’t know about you all, but I am serious about accomplishing my goals this year, particularly in business. It’s not that I haven’t been successful in prior years, but this year needed a lot more structure to attain the BIG goals that I have for myself.

I talk a lot about systems and controls in my previous blog post, 5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Success. Having systems and controls in place to maintain your progress is absolutely vital in being successful. Who wants to spend a year losing 30 lbs only to undo it in 3 months because they didn’t have controls in place? No one, I hope! The point is you have to set yourself up for success and that only happens through systems and controls. For me, that meant: 

  • organizing my Dropbox and Google drive with folders so that my blog and business files were easier to find;
  • developing & purchasing templates that allowed me to just plug and play;
  • and, implementing automation into my business systems among other things.

These small tweaks in the way I run my business have made a tremendous impact on my productivity and efficiency. More importantly, I’ve create controls and systems that will not allow me to regress, but progress in a scaleable way.

On the opposite end, however, is having a way to monitor your progress. One of the best practices that I adopted when working on fitness goals is taking pictures to track my improvements. Often times when we’re in the grind, we don’t realize how far we’ve come. We look at ourselves in the mirror everyday and don’t see the change, but when we compare a current picture to an old one, we can see a huge difference. It’s the reason why someone can go months without seeing you and immediately notice a tremendous difference in your appearance. You can’t see your progress when you’re knee deep in the process. That’s where tracking come into play.

Having a visual means of tracking your progress can do wonders in motivating you to keep going. It also serves as a signal that your method may not be working and you need to pivot. It makes for encouragement and efficiency.

As I was planning for the new year, I went on the hunt to find some mobile apps that could assist me (and you) in tracking progress to my goals. If you’re like me, then you usually have your phone within reach, so it’s often the easiest place to enter in or find information. I didn’t want to have to go to an excel sheet on my computer to see how I was pacing to my goals. Instead, I wanted to know where I was within seconds...hence these 5 apps! Each of the 5 are apps the I’ve used or am currently using to help track progress toward my own personal and business goals.

  • LifeGoals

Besides the name catching my attention, the shear ease of use sold me on this app. There are sooo many goal tracking apps out there, but I didn’t find any that allows you to break down your overall goals into tasks like LifeGoals. It’s basically how I teach goal development. You have a big goal, but it takes smalls steps to attain it. In this app, you have the ability to break those bigger goals up into tasks, and as you complete the tasks, the percentage of your goal completion increases. For instance, if your goal is to save $1,000 in two months, then your small tasks will be to save an average of $500 per month. Each month when you’ve reached the $500 goal, you will go in and mark it complete, moving your goal completion to 50% and ultimately 100%. Having your goals broken down into these smaller tasks makes them easier to accomplish because you aren’t overwhelmed.

This app is absolutely free, but of course that means ads-- which is no biggie for me. I’m currently using it exclusively for my business goals; however, I may be inclined to put some personal goals in as well. I couldn’t find a link for the website, so just type in LifeGoals in your app store.

Finances is typically a huge goal for most people in the new year. If getting your finances in order is one of your goals, then 1. Read my recent blog post 2. Download my FREE budget template, and 3. Download the Mint app. When I first started paying off my $78K in student loan debt, Mint.com was one of the first websites that I used to get a true picture of where I stood financially. This website allowed me to connect all of my financial accounts into one central location to create financial goals, track trends in my spending, and create a budget. It’s a site that I still recommend today that’s also FREE.99. If you’re looking for an alternative to the website, then I recommend downloading the app!

My Instagram followers know that I rely heavily on my Apple Watch activity tracker; however, to be fair, I had to recommend a platform neutral app that doesn’t require a smartwatch to track fitness goals. MyFitnessPal has been a part of my app selection for as long as I can remember. I’m talking about pre Apple Watch and Fitbit days. This app allows you to not only track your workouts, but it allows you to put in daily calorie goals and weekly weight loss goals to reach your desired weight. Since going vegan, I have discontinued tracking calories, but this app is great for me tracking my weight and seeing just how far I’ve come from many moons ago. The great thing about this app is that even if you are a Fitbit or Apple Watch wearer, your data can be inputted into the app automatically (after it’s configured of course).

Some other great fitness apps that I’ve used for running goals included C25K and RunKeeper.

Another goal that people typically have for the year is reading the Bible more. One of the most popular apps that will help you track your progress in doing so is the Bible App. Now, I do not personally us this app to track how much I read or to follow a plan; however, there plans that are available to take you through the Bible in one year. This app also provides a daily scripture for you to read. So, if reading the Bible more is on your list of things to accomplish in 2018, then get this app! You can set it up to give you daily scriptures through push notifications, which means absolutely no excuse for not reading a scripture a day and meeting your goal! Another cool feature of the app is the ability to add friends. So if you’ve gotten you an accountability partner for your Bible reading goal, you can add them.

Even if reading the Bible more isn’t on your list, the app is still a great resource to have when you’re having those down days and need some encouragement. It has a pretty cool feature that allows you to search for scriptures based on a specific topic.

Ok, so I cannot take credit for finding this app. At the end of the year, I asked my followers on social media what books they had read in 2017 and what books they had planned for the new year. Well, I had someone reply with their book list and the suggestion to download Goodreads. So, I checked it out and it is everything! This app is especially for those who have reading more books as one of their goals, but want to read the reviews before purchasing or checking it out at their local library. In addition to the book list that I have stuck to our refrigerator, I’ve added several books that I’d like to read to my list on the app. I really appreciate the reviews, because it helped me narrow down my list to books that had great content and delivery.

Of course this app won’t read the books for you-- you can get Audible for that. However, not only will it help you find books to read, but you can also track how far along you are in a particular book, how many books you've completed, and the books that you want to read. Now that's dope! Download the app for FREE.99 from your app store.

Alright, your turn. What are your must have apps for success & productivity? Let me know in the comments!