7 Books that Changed my Life

Now that the New Year has arrived, many people are on the search for resources that will help make 2018 their best year yet. Of course, I’m here for it all! In fact, I created a 2018 Guide to Defining & Accomplishing your Goals that people are loving! And, although I create content to help people reach their goals, I’m always on the hunt for great resources for myself. After all, I can’t help anyone else unless I’m growing and learning myself.

Last week, I shared 5 must have apps to help you achieve your goals. One of them was a book app that allows you to track your reading and creating a lists of books that you’d like to read. Well, as I added books that I believe will get me to the next level, I began to reflect on some of the books that have helped get me to where I am today. I thought it would be cool to share those same books with you so that maybe they can help you along your journey.

Don’t get me wrong, books weren’t the only things that have educated and/or inspired me. So many people have poured into my life that if I tried to name them all, I’d probably leave someone out. Nonetheless, this post isn’t about that. I’m here to share valuable resources that can benefit your life. Here are my top 7 books that changed my life...in no particular order.

If you’ve ever asked me a money question, I’ve probably responded by recommending this book. It’s one of those things where there’s no point in me trying to tell you when this book does a way better job. This book is the reason I decided to not live my life burdened by debt and why I paid off $78K in student loans in less than 3 years. I was introduced to this book through my husband while we were dating. I had heard of the infamous Dave Ramsey before, but I wasn’t aware of his books or had any clue that his content would have such an impact on my life. My husband (then boyfriend) told me that he read the book in college and suggested that I do the same. Well I did and I’m pretty sure that I read this book in a matter of 1-2 days. After reading the testimonies in the book of people paying off debt, I had no excuse not to.

Becoming debt free was a complete burden lifted from my life and I owe it to the eye opening stories and strategies in this book (and my husband for recommending it).
I distinctly remember reading this book this book as I used the elliptical in the gym a few years ago. (Random, I know) It was one of those “happenstance” books that I picked up while perusing my local bookstore. The title seemed appealing and at the time, I knew that I had more to produce in life. This book seemed like it’d be the catalyst and inspiration that I needed to figure out what that “more” was and start actualizing it.

This book did exactly that. I have more highlighted pages than any other book I own...except the Bible. The cool thing is that the book also comes with a guide that walks you through questions to help you discover that dream. If you enjoy the content of my blogs and inspiration/real talk posts on Instagram then you’ll enjoy this book. In fact, I’ll probably add this book back to my reading list just to get a refresher on some of its content. 

This is another money book, but from a completely different perspective. This book is more about financial statistics than practicality; however, it completely changed my perspective on wealth. 

Often times we assume that the person with the flashy clothes, car, and/or home are the poster persons for success and wealth; however, this book dispels that myth. It sheds light to the fact that the majority of millionaires in the US are indeed people who are living next door to you. They are people who lead simple lives, didn't have an inheritance, and were just smart with their money. 

Ultimately, this book solidified some of the things that I learned in the Total Money Makeover and essentially allowed me to step into the mind of a millionaire, which is where I want to be. It’s an easy read that I’d definitely recommend it. 

This book came highly recommended to me when I was engaged to be married. It’s a long one, so I suggest listening to it on Audible for FREE, which is what I did. Nonetheless, it breaks down the essential needs of a man and a woman and what that looks like within the covenant of marriage.

Even growing up with my father in the home, I still did not know the distinct emotional and psychological needs of a man from the perspective of marriage. That’s just something that you don’t learn unless you’re taught. I believe that this book did a great job doing just that. It is very in depth, yet essential if you’re looking to start your marriage off well or change the course of your marriage for the better.

This book completely changed my perspective on religion and the Christian faith. Honestly, you’d have to read it to understand. After reading this book, I had a completely different perspective of the Bible and prayer. I now understand my place in creation and I’m able to walk in that authority. This book changed my Bible study and my prayer life and ultimately has catapulted my life in ways I’d never imagined. All I can say is….just read the book.

You’re probably thinking that I’m just a Dave Ramsey junky. The truth is, the man knows what he’s talking about. This book isn’t necessarily about money, instead it’s about ensuring that you leave a legacy and plans for your family once you’re gone. I specifically recommend this book for the portion on estate planning. 

At 20, 30, or even 40 something years old, we often don’t think that having a will and a plan for your assets is necessary; however, this book sheds light to why this is important. If you’ve ever experienced the loss of someone in your immediate family, say a parent, then you know the havoc that can be wreaked when there is no will or even life insurance in place. This books teaches you how to lay out a plan now so that when you’re gone, your family can come together and not be divided over your possessions.

This book is obviously significant to me because I wrote it. Of course, the impact of this book was not its content-- after all, I lived it. Instead, it was the act of writing and publishing it that impacted me in a way that has forever changed me. Prior to writing this book, I really never finished anything. Of course, I finished school, but I’d always get bored with projects and quit. Just ask my mom about a blanket that I’ve been crocheting for her for over 6 years now. That was my life. I’d even try to find a way to finish projects at work in the most minimally acceptable way possible just so that I could be done with it. This book was the end of that cycle for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there were several times that I wanted to quit and “finish it later,” but this time, too many people were depending on me to finish what I had started. Though only a small select people knew that I was writing this book, I knew the thousands more were depending on me to write it. Writing and publishing this book showed me that I was indeed a finisher. I could push through the dry seasons and complete the work that God had placed in me. It proved to me that I could do anything that I set my mind to and that I’m darn good at figuring out how to do things on my own-- like formatting and publishing a book at little to no costs. It was exactly what I needed to make a change in my habits and start finishing the things that I started.

I've read many books over the years, but these are the 7 that I found most valuable (outside of the Bible of course). I’d love to know what books have been significant in your life or the books that you plan to read. Drop the titles in the comments below so that I can check them out. 

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