How to Discover your Life's Purpose with Marshawn Evans Daniels | Believe Bigger book Review

Today is the day! It's the official launch day of the book, Believe Bigger, by Marshawn Evans Daniels. If you watched my podcast interview with New Geechee, then you'll know that I mentioned that Marshawn is pretty much my mentor in my head.

I first discovered Marshawn a couple of months ago through a Facebook friend. She had re-posted on of Marshawn's livestreams and I watched the replay. I was blown away by this woman of God and her ability to share the word of God with such poise, knowledge, and grace. I did a bit of investigating to find out who she was and discovered that we had a lot in common. She had come from the world of pageantry-- having placed in the Miss America pageant, was an accomplished attorney, and had even starred on the Apprentice. In addition to having pageantry in common, we had both experienced a jacked up relationship that was the catalyst to us pursuing our purpose.

I decided to like her Facebook page so that I could be up to date with her livestreams and I followed her on Instagram. I was so enamored by how she seamlessly blended faith with business and, as a result, owns a multi-million dollar coaching business. I'm not going to lie, she's #goals...well, at least that aspect of her life.

Not soon after following her, Marshawn put out a call for folks to be a part of her book's launch team. I'll admit, I didn't know that she was launching a book at the time, but after reading the synopsis, I knew I had to apply. Well...let me be real. I looked at the application and was like *exit out*. It was comprised of questions about social media numbers, audience demographics...pretty much everything that one would need to know to market a product. I get it. I didn't feel like I had the platform for what she was trying to do, so I chose not to apply.

Well, everyone else must've thought the same way because shortly after the announcement, we received a heartfelt email from Marshawn explaining that her desire was not for those who have large platforms, but that she was looking for committed individuals who believed in the message. I could appreciate that, so I applied. A few weeks later, I got the email that I had been selected for the team and would be receiving an advance copy of the book to read.

The day that I received the digital copy of the book was unproductive. The book was that good and I literally had to force myself to stop reading. You get sucked in from the first page, where Marshawn begins by sharing how she discovered her fiance's infidelity 6 days before their wedding. Yes, girl! I was stirring in my seat. It was one of those, "Oh no he didn't!" moments that you have with your girlfriends. This book was about to be good.

Marshawn had spoken about this portion of her testimony on several livestreams prior to me reading the book, so I wasn't too caught off guard. Nonetheless, knowing this story was another reason that I connected so much with her. Though I never got to the point of planning a wedding (thank God), I still can empathize with the hurt of being betrayed, embarrassed, and lied to. I think most women can relate...

But the book goes beyond just a story of infidelity. It ventures into a story of discovering purpose, with disruption being a part of the journey. That story, that moment, that shaking up in her life was a turning point in her path to purpose. That path to discovering one's purpose is the essence of what the book really is about. Marshawn literally walks you through what she calls the Purpose Map™. It is the process by which everyone goes through in discovering their purpose and walking it out. In fact, it parallels everything that I teach in the 7-Day Refresh & Reset course and why I recommend the two as a pair.

Honestly, I can only describe this book in one world: rich. Despite that fact, I've done my best to elaborate more on it in my latest YouTube video. Check it out below!

Leave a comment letting me know if you're ready to #believebigger with me this year! I'm walking in purpose and believe God to do some unimaginable things in my life this year.

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