How to Manifest your Life's Vision | 5 Keys of Manifestation

Can I just say that 2018 has been a stellar year thus far?? I told you all at the top of the year that I was not playing any games this year. In fact, my mantra has been “Shameless Audacity,” derived from Luke 11:8. I am daring myself to go after every vision that God has placed in me and I am believing for big things to manifest in my life. Let me just say, I’ve been working hard and God has been delivering even bigger.

In my interview with Keke of the New Geechee podcast, I shared a snippet of my vision board with the viewers. One of the major things that I pointed out was that the majority of the things shown on that vision board have already manifested in my life. Mere ideas and dreams in the form of pictures have actually come to pass for me. In sharing this with her, I was particularly enthused and blown away by two major manifestations:
  • Becoming debt free
  • Traveling to London

I shared with Keke that I was most proud of these two because, of all, I felt that they were the most difficult to accomplish. When I was $78K in debt, it seemed impossible to ever go on a decent vacation locally, let alone a trip overseas. Heck, the thought of paying off $78K in debt was even harder to fathom. Nonetheless, it’s what I wanted to see manifested in my life and it did!

In 2016, after just under 3 years, the debt was gone. And, in 2017, after beefing up our emergency fund, saving for and purchasing a home, we booked our first trip to Europe. 

To say that I’m amazed is an understatement. Let’s be real...I come from a dirt road in the country lands of South Carolina. Though I grew up in a situation better than most, the idea of traveling the globe at will and being financially free were pretty far fetched for me. I knew I was destined to do great things with my life, people always said that, but we can still be limited by our surroundings and the mentality that’s been ingrained in us.

What do I mean? Well, we can have all the potential in the world to do great things, but it can be hindered if we don’t have the right mindset. I’ll give you an example.

When I was beginning to look for jobs during graduate school, I knew that I had the potential, credentials, and resume to possibly work anywhere that I chose. But instead of looking for jobs from that perspective, I stayed within a box-- that is, the southeast United States. My mentality was to stay close to what I knew, which was home. So when someone mentioned the idea of going to New York or Houston, I was like, “Who me??” Though I had the potential to be successful, I was limited by what I knew and what I was taught.

I was taught not to go too far down south because it wasn’t safe for a single, black woman. I believed that I shouldn’t go up north because the people weren’t friendly and there were cold winters-- although cold winters is a real reason to stay away. I didn’t want to go west because I didn’t know anyone...and the list goes on and on. Lot’s of potential, but limited beliefs. It wasn’t until I was essentially forced out of my comfort zone that I realized exposure isn’t such a bad thing and I can survive in a new environment after all. 

Exposure is taking yourself out of your surroundings and what you’re accustomed to and seeing life on a different level. It is merely seeing that the world has much more to offer than what you’re currently experiencing. In a sense, my vision board was a means of exposure. Putting those pictures on that board gave me a visual of what’s really possible in life. It showed me what could be if I just applied a few principles. 

So, despite my grandmother’s angst about my husband and I getting on a plane and going across the waters, this barefoot loving country girl will be touring the streets of London and Paris pretty soon!

But let’s be clear… Manifesting our debt freedom and even our upcoming trip to Europe was much more than just thinking & believing bigger and pasting a bunch of pictures on a board. There was absolutely more to the equation. Over time, I have found that there are a few key things that are critical to manifesting any vision that you have for your life. Below are the 5 keys that I've discovered to manifestation.

  • 1. Speak your vision

Speaking the life that I wanted was something that I began incorporating circa 2013. It was about 2 years after my father passed away and I was gifted a book that someone give him during his fight with cancer. The book was entitled, The Tongue: A Creative Force, by Charles Capps. You won’t find this book on the bestseller list where it belongs, but it was by far the best gift that I’ve received. It taught me the significance of the words that I speak into the atmosphere.

The premise of the book is, of course, Proverbs 18:21; however, even after years of hearing and reading the scripture, I vastly underestimated its significance. After reading this book, I took on an Abrahamic approach to life-- speaking those things that are not as though they are. I spoke that I was debt free. I spoke that I would be married to an amazing man of God. I even spoke to my future generations. Everything that I desired that aligned with the will of God, I spoke.

If you want to see things start manifesting in your life, you have to use your words to your advantage. Use your words to speak life and don’t waste them on idle words and speaking death. Phrases like, “I’m broke,” have no place in your life, because what you say will manifest in due time. Even if your vision seems impossible at the time, as mine did, speak it until you internalize it as belief.

  • 2. Create a plan to attain your desires

I think one of the unfortunate gaps that people of faith tend to have is strategy. For the most part, we have "speaking it" down to a tea. We’ll name it and claim it all day, but when it comes to putting together a plan, we’re like a deer in headlights. Newsflash, naming it and claiming it is some misinformed hype. God isn’t a genie. God is a God of order and process. Case and point, His very specific instructions on how the temple would be built and how sacrifices would be made in the Old Testament. So if you want God to trust you with His heavenly treasures, you need to be just as intentional by having a plan to steward them.

To accompany my declaration of being debt free was a plan. Every dollar that came into my stewardship had an assignment. In other words, I had a budget. I had a plan for how much debt I would pay off each month. Do you know what? When I started walking out that plan, God did supernatural things like bonuses out of nowhere.

I believe that when we can show God what we can be good managers of what we currently have (faithful over the little), then He’ll bless us with the more that we envision. Create a plan and manage what you have.

  • 3. Invest in your vision and ideas

Nothing says that you’re serious more than you putting your money where your mouth is. Money, much like time, is one of those things that we hold very dearly. After all, money equates to your livelihood and time cannot be bought back. So when you begin to put money and time into your vision, it becomes one step closer to reality.

One of my visions has always been to own my own business. After many failed attempts, as most entrepreneurs will tell you, I finally figured out one of the missing factors to my success: investing in my vision. When I started putting money and time into books, courses, hiring professional help in that regard, and even sowing financial seeds into others, I saw a tremendous uptick in my business’ reach and also revenue.

If you want to see your vision manifest in your life, make an investment in it. The best way to show God that you’re serious about it is to put your treasure toward it.

  • 4. Do the work necessary to realize your vision

Let’s just pause for a second before I dive into this one. Again, in the “name it and claim it” school of thought, there is not only a lack of plan, but a lack of work. Read this closely: God will not bless you with something that you cannot manage. I repeat: God will not bless you with something that you cannot manage. So although you may get approved for your dream car, it’s not a blessing if you can’t afford to make the payments. That, friend, is a curse disguised as a blessing...a common trick of the enemy. 

Now to my point… 

You must do that work associated with your vision. Becoming a millionaire is not a matter of someone just dropping a million dollars in your bank account. It’s a matter of learning principles of stewardship, learning how to multiply what you have through investments, and it’s creating multiple streams of income. Losing weight isn’t a matter of just putting a picture of a small figured model on your vision board. It’s getting up every morning and working out. It’s turning your plate down, as the old church would say, and it’s actually working toward your goals. Do you get my point? You must do the work to manifest your vision. When you do the natural, God will do the supernatural.

  • 5. Get direction from wise counsel

Earlier, I shared the story of not wanting to relocate outside of the southeast for work. It wasn’t until someone-- much wiser than I-- pulled me aside and put things into perspective for me that I ultimately took the opportunity to move to Houston, TX. This person understood that I needed to make a temporary (seemingly) sacrifice and expose myself to something completely different. That experience alone shaped my perspective on trying new things and not being afraid of new environments or being alone.

Getting direction is so critical when manifesting your vision. In my case, it was just a voice that helped me change my mindset. In other cases, such as coaching, it’s been specific instruction on what to do. Regardless, there is significant benefit in being among wise counsel. Ultimately, I believe that your ability to manifest things in your life is directly correlated to your ability to be a student. If you are more willing to allow others to help you along your journey, you will get much further. 

The fact of the matter remains that nothing is impossible to us. Anything that our minds can fathom can be achieved if we, first, believe and have faith, then do the aforementioned things. Remember the Tower of Babel? They believed that they could build a stairway to heaven. What an incredible vision! God knew that their belief coupled with their work would lead to that seemingly impossible task actually being manifested. So, accordingly, He scattered their languages to confuse them. 

That story alone solidifies the fact that you need a vision, you have to work at it, and you need other people for it to be realized. So, if I were to add an additional key to manifesting your life’s visions, it’d be surrounding yourself with a community of people who are working to do the same. Find people who will motivate you along your journey and believe with you just as you will do for them. Stay away from the dream killers that I talk about in my previous blog-- which also applies to your vision.

So, will 2018 be the year that your start manifesting your vision? Will it be the year that you begin to speak life into it, plan for it, invest in it, work at it, and seek counsel for? I truly hope that it is, because I sense that this year God is opening up the heavens to those who would dare do those things. 

Comment below and let me know your what your BIG vision is for 2018.