5 Things 2018 Has Taught Me So Far

Now that we’ve made it through the 1st quarter of the year, it’s a great time to reflect on wins and lessons that I’ve had thus far. Though I thought about sharing my progress to goals, I felt like sharing my lessons learned would be much more beneficial. Not only would it be a great way for me to really sit down and reflect on the things that I’ve experienced and what it’s taught me, but it’d also be a great way for you to learn without having to go through the trouble. So that’s a win/win, right?

The fact of the matter is, I’ve learned a ton this year. From how to manage a business to things that I’ve identified about myself. But that’d be way too much to try to fit into a single blog. Instead, I thought I’d share the top 5 lessons that I’ve learned in 2018 thus far. I hope that you’re able to take something out of these lessons and apply them to your own life. Here goes...

  • Lesson 1: Believe Bigger

I’ve probably ran this hashtag and phrase all the way into the ground. Ha! Many of you know that I am a part of Marshawn Evans Daniels’ Believe Bigger book launch team, but I haven’t just been saying it to get you hyped up about the book. I’ve been saying it because 2018 really has taught me to expand my mind and to believe God for bigger.

This mind shift started when I read the book, The Magic of Thinking Big. Though there was nothing especially spectacular about the book, it was somehow able to shift my mind to relinquish limited thinking. It reminded me that I’m only as great as I think I am, as wealthy as I think I can be, and I’m generally limited by my thoughts. Even though I’ve always felt that I’ve had high self esteem and self belief, I never realized that I also had limited belief. For instance, I’ve always believed that I could be an entrepreneur, but it never crossed my mind to believe that I could be a multi-seven figure entrepreneur in my early 30’s. I always believed that I would travel abroad, but I never thought thought to imagine doing so on a private plane without being constrained to an allocated vacation time. Do you see the difference?It’s one thing to believe, but it’s another thing to believe bigger. 

One thing that keeps resonating with me from one of Marshawn’s live stream broadcasts is this: We serve a limitless God, so why do we have limits on our beliefs? If we are, in fact, children of God and joint heirs with Christ, does that not lend us to believe that we have access to all that God owns? Let that sink in for a minute, because I had to. We have access to anything that we can believe God for...anything. With that being said, we have to go beyond believing God to be able to just pay off our home. Instead, I’m believing God to own multiple properties debt free and not just in the US. That’s believing bigger.

By believing bigger, I’ve also learned to work smarter and make the most out of every opportunity. None of the things that I have the audacity to believe for are just going to fall into my lap, nor will it fall into yours. With that being said, I’ve become more mindful of how my spend my time. I don’t have time to waste on things that aren’t either getting me closer to God, my tribe, my purpose, and my goals. It doesn’t mean that I don’t rest or enjoy myself. It just means that I am very intentional about not wasting time on things that aren’t moving me forward. 

Making the most of every opportunity means that I’ve learned to use my time wisely throughout the day. From the time that I wake up to the time I go to be at night, I am working toward something in one of the aforementioned categories. To do lists and my calendar are critical to my days and ensuring that I’m making great use of my time. 

  • Lesson #2: Be ready at all times

I truly believe that the more that you show God that you can be responsible with what you have stewardship over, the more that He’ll give you responsibility for. This, however, isn’t limited to possessions or money. I believe that this also includes your sphere of influence-- many people. As a result, you must be ready at all times because you never know when God will place those people in your path.

A few weeks ago, I shared a story with my VIP subscribers about a young lady who was contemplating suicide and was expressing her issues via Instagram. I immediately knew that she was my assignment and in the moment I had to minister via Instagram. Talk about being ready! Now, this isn’t the first time that I’ve become a counselor of some sort via Instagram, but the point is that I had to be ready for the assignment in that moment.

On a lighter note, I’ve had to be ready in other regards as well. For instance, being ready when a website asked to interview me and they needed photos and bio on short notice. It’s what I’d call the “enlarge your tent” kind of being ready. Meaning, having systems and structures in place to receive the blessings and opportunities that God is about to send your way. I’m glad to say that I’ve had a lot more of these moments than the former. Nonetheless, the lesson has been the same...be ready at all times.

  • Lesson #3: Invest in myself

In a recent YouTube video, I talked about the importance of investing in your destiny. I also shared that this year investing in myself was one of my top priorities. Whether it was buying books, online courses, or something seemingly as trivial as upgrading my wardrobe, I wanted my funds to reflect my focus this year. As a result, I hired a coach to help me with my business. This was a major investment in myself and a way of showing that I had confidence that it’d be returned to me exponentially. So far, it’s proven to be true. Which means I’ll continue to do so. In the past three months, I have purchased more books than I probably have in the past two years. Why? Because I’ve learned the importance of investing in my growth and development. 

As someone who is extremely frugal, this was definitely a challenge for me. However, since this year came with a mindset shift to believe bigger, I had to match that shift in my thoughts on money. Ironically, I had no qualms with investing in my 401K or other investments, but I’d always find it hard to invest in the now. After deciding to just do it and seeing the benefits, I’ve learned how vital it is to be intentional about setting aside means to invest in yourself today for results tomorrow.

  • Lesson #4: People are always watching

In a way, I’ve always known this. More specifically, with my blog and social media, I have the numbers to prove it. However, this year, I’ve learned in an almost awe astonishing way that people are always watching you. Whether its for inspiration, motivation, or just to be nosey, I’ve learned that I have to be intentional about the things that I do and, more importantly, how I represent God. I’ve had more people tell me that they’ve been quietly following me over the years and watching my life in the past three months that I can ever remember. By the grace of God, what they’ve seen of my life has inspired them in some way.

No matter how small you think your platform is, you always have a audience. That’s not to say that you should fake the funk for the public eye. Instead it is a subtle reminder that you must be a person of integrity and high moral character regardless of your environment. The Bible talks about a double minded man being unstable in all of his ways. We should always be single-minded, all one, holy. Therefore whether it be on or offline, you character should be consistent.

No matter how small you think your platform is, you always have a audience.  -@girtalkwithfo
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No matter how small you think your platform is, you always have a audience.    

I’ve heard this so many times, but the person that God has sent to bless your life is also watching you. Last year, I was picked up as a magazine contributor because someone with the power to make it happen was watching me. So, not only does your character have to be intact and consistent, you must also operate in a spirit of excellence at all times. Ironically, I just finished interviewing with an Instagram influencer on the topic of consistently operating in excellence. Why? Because she was watching me and noticed my consistency and excellence in my work.

  • Lesson #5: All things work together

This has been the biggest and most assuring lesson that I’ve learned this year. At the end of it all, it all works together. Here’s the short of how this lesson came about…

I’ve been blogging for six years now and, over the years, I’ve seen many of my peers who started around the time that I did or after me catapult into entrepreneurship from their brand. For years, I didn’t understand how I had somehow been passed over. Nonetheless, I persisted, gained knowledge and kept doing what I was called to do. It wasn’t until I started making plans for my first webinar that it dawned on me. Those six years were culminating into the many doors that have opened in 2018. If I launched too soon (which I’ve tried), it would have been unsuccessful (it was). But, because I endured and learned lessons along the way, I’ve been more successful and I am on my own fast moving path of entrepreneurship.

This is the kind of thing that you can only learn in retrospect. Seeing others bypass me was definitely tough, but when I look back and see how it all worked together, I can’t help but give thanks. Now, when someone is looking for an expert on blogging and branding, I can immediately raise my hand and say that I have six years of experience to back me up. Ultimately, it was all working together so that now that my platform has grown, I have the systems and structures in place to support it.

I told you all in one of my first blogs that 2018 was going to be a lit year for me. It’s certainly been busy, but in a good, intentional way. I’ve learned some amazing lessons thus far, more than what I’ve even shared and I can’t see what else this year has in store. 

Comment below and let me know that you’ve learned in 2018 thus far.