The One Thing That's Hindering Your Financial Success

Last week, my husband and I got back from a little over a week long vacation in London and Paris. It was nothing short of amazing; however, despite our excitement leading up to the trip, we were pretty closed mouth about it before leaving. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to share this big event (neither of us had ever been to Europe), it’s just that we wanted to avoid some of the comments that we eventually got.

Before you fill your imagination with who knows what kind of comments, I’ll just dispel the thought that they were “hating on us” kind of comments. In fact, everyone that we eventually told was excited for us. Instead the comments that we encountered were what one would call “poor mouthing.”

Let me explain…

Poor mouthing is essentially speaking disparagingly about one’s ability to afford things. An example would be saying, “I’m broke” or, in the case of our trip, “I’ll never be able to go there.” You see, haters, I can deal with. I just ignore them. But someone with limited beliefs completely throws me off kilter. 

As the trip got closer, we eventually had to tell people. There was no way that we could get around being away and out of contact for a week and not letting anyone know. I found that being on vacation was ok, but it was vacationing in London and Paris that sparked the comments.

Me: I’ll be gone for a week, so let me know if you need anything before I leave.
Them: Oh, you’re going on vacation?
Me: Yes. It’s our anniversary week.
Them: Where are you going?
Me: London and Paris
Them: Wow!! Have fun for me. I’ll never get to go there!
Me: *holds back my desire to shake them until they stop speaking negatively*

Little do these people know that this disparaging speech is the one thing that’s hindering them from their financial (or any kind of) success.

There was a day when I couldn’t fathom planning a huge trip across the globe. Let’s be real...A vacation in and of itself was out of my thought process. It was pre-2013 before I began my debt free journey. You know, being swamped in debt has a way of limiting your beliefs on what can be done financially. When you’re a slave to the lender, your money is pretty vocal about your travel and buying decisions….at least that was my case. Nonetheless, I too once poor mouthed.

Phrases like, “Girl, I don’t have any money” and “I’ll be paying off this debt for 30 years” were all too common in my vernacular. Unbeknownst to me, I was limiting my life by the words that I was speaking into the atmosphere. Small, unassuming phrases with such a huge impact.

It wasn’t until I read the book, “The Tongue: A Creative Force” that I began correcting my language to one of affirmations, positive outlook, and faith. I was no longer going to be paying off debt for 30 years, instead I was saying things like, “I’ll be debt free by 30.” I was no longer broke, instead, I had money that needed to go elsewhere. Basically, I stopped poor mouthing myself into financial abyss. And do you know what happened? Everything that I spoke manifested in my life.

How many times have your found yourself limiting your financial situation by the words that you say? Be honest. An “I’ll never be able to afford that” here and an “I’ll never pay this off” there all combine to build a limiting ceiling over your life.  Before you know it, 15 years have passed by and you’ve not made any gains in your finances. The same “brokeness” that plagued you in your 20’s somehow followed you throughout your adulthood. It wasn’t that you didn’t try to do better; it’s just that you spoke your future without even knowing it.

Here’s the truth: your financial success isn’t limited by the amount of money that your job pays you or the fact that you have debt. It’s your mindset. Your mindset is the difference between you having the tenacity to do something about your financial situation or if you’ll stay stuck in it for the rest of your life. If you can’t believe bigger than your current situation, then you’ll always stay in it.

I’m sure I’ll ruffle a few feathers by saying this, but it’s for your own good…

You have to stop relying on miracles to get you out of your financial mess. I’ll say it again. YOU HAVE TO STOP RELYING ON MIRACLES TO GET YOU OUT OF OUR FINANCIAL MESS!!

The government is not going to pay off your debts for borrowed the money. Sally Mae isn’t going to mysteriously lose all of the student loan data and forgive your loans...they have backup servers. Tyler Perry and Oprah aren’t doing a social media contest to buy someone a house or give them a million dollars. Leave all of that to the Facebook fake news. The energy that you spend hoping and praying that any of the above (and more) will come true is energy better spent creating a plan to change your situation.

Here’s the deal... Only things that are impossible and out of human capability deem the need for a miracle. Cancer? Ask God for a miracle healing. Person gone missing? Ask God for a miracle that they’re found safe and sound. Getting your finances together?? Ask God for wisdom and knowledge on how to steward what He has blessed you with, seek guidance, and do the work.

Changing your financial trajectory starts with changing your mindset. Are you willing to believe that you can have a different financial future? Are you willing to believe that you don’t always have to be burdened by debt? Are you willing to believe that if you educate yourself and put in the work, you can literally write your own check?

Your mindset shift requires a denunciation of old dispositions. That means that everything negative that you’ve thought and said about what your life and finances has to be unlearned and a new thought process and language has to be adopted. 

So how exactly do you break a limited mindset? Here are 3 things that you need to do:

  • Learn the facts. I truly believe that the reason that most of us have experienced financial woes is miseducation. We’ve been miseducated about credit, earning potential, and everything in between. So, the first step in breaking a limited financial mindset is to get the right information to uproot the fallacies that we’ve internalized. Read books like, The Total Money Makeover and The Millionaire Next Door to learn facts of finances and essential money management techniques.

  • Get exposure. The best way to broaden your mindset is to expose yourself to life at another level. Exposure means taking tours of homes that you can’t currently afford just to see what it’s like and to have something to believe for and work toward. If you can see it, you can believe it, and if you can believe it, you can attain it. Exposure also means being open to mentorship from someone else living on another level. Surround yourself with people that can show you another, positive way of life while motivating and encouraging you to do better.

  • Speak the opposite of your situation. One of the key principles in the book “The Tongue: A Creative Force” was speaking the opposite of your current situation. For instance, if you’re sick then you’d say, “I’m healed.” If you don’t have much money, then you’d say, “I’m wealthy and I lack nothing.” It sounds crazy, but it is the basic principle of faith. Your world is created by your words and you will manifest what you speak. So, if you want to break a limited mindset, you have to speak beyond what your senses tell you and speak what you envision for your life.

There’s no shortage of resources to help you take control of your financial future and your life, but it all starts with shifting your mindset and having the desire to change.

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