What Traveling to England Taught Me about God

While in England a few short weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit some infamous landmarks within the country. The most memorable was a location several miles outside of London. We boarded the tour bus that morning and traveled to the country lands that nestle Windsor Palace. I won’t assume everyone reading this is a geography or history buff (I’m not), so Windsor Palace is the primary residence of Queen Elizabeth. This over 900 year old palace was a site to see! Basically, even the Biltmore Estates pale in comparison to this royal wonder, and rightfully so.

As we pulled up the palace, it was everything that you’d imagine or have seen in fairy tale movies. High upon a hill sits this grand, stone built estate that has somehow withstood the ages. Literally! After getting through security, we made our way through the grounds of the palace and eventually wandered inside to the areas marked for public access. For the next 45-mins or so that we toured each room, I’m pretty sure that my only word was, “Wow!” There may have been an occasional, “Did you see that?!?,” to my husband, but I mostly walked around wide eyed and in amazement.

Not only was I completely floored by the impeccable & grand decor and items that were housed there, but I was even more impressed by the historical context in which they came to be there. Gifts like the malachite urn that was given to Queen Victoria by Tsar Nicholas I for merely receiving his son, Alexander II. Basically, she got a gift for being nice to the kid. This grand gift was just one of MANY such one of a kind treasures presented to the royal family throughout their lineage. I encourage you to check out the collection of items and pictures of the palace and the other royal estates here.

As I continued to walk through, jaw still dropped in awe, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “This is was kingdom living is like.” 

Unfortunately due to the tour’s time constraints, we didn’t get to experience all that the palace had to offer. So, we begrudgingly scurried along to reboard the bus for our next destination. 

As my husband took a nap beside me, I pulled out my cell phone to start documenting all of the mind blowing thoughts and revelation that I had from that short experience. Out of nowhere, tears began to roll down my face as I realized how much this experience revealed God’s desire for our lives. It was my first exposure to a kingdom and seeing it made me understand the kingdom of God so much more.

If you’ve ever listened to Dr. Myles Munroe, you’ll probably recall his expository preaching of kings and kingdoms. During his teachings, he always sheds light on the fact that most people born into democracies have a hard time understanding the concept of a kingdom and therefore the principles of the kingdom of God. After all, sovereignty is a foreign concept to someone coming from a government that is elected and has checks and balances. Presenting gifts to a king, someone who has everything, may seem pretty absurd to someone who’s taught only to give to the poor and those in need. But, as I walked the halls of that palace, it all began to click. This is what kingdom living is like.

Through my tears, I managed to type some things from that experience to share with you. It’s the list of things that traveling to England taught me about God. It’s a bit extensive, so bear with me. I think you’ll want to read this.

  • 1. As joint heirs with Christ, we have access to all God has (Romans 8:17)

Everything that the Queen has is a result of lineage. The Queen was merely born into a royal family, which afforded her the right to has access to everything that the family owned. No outsider is privy to what she has. Only those in the bloodline reserve the right to the inheritance.

We too are heirs to a kingdom. We were born in through the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ (John 3:3). As a result, we are a royal priesthood and have been afforded the right to have access to everything that our father, the King of king owns (Luke 12:32). No outsider is privy to what we have (John 10:1). Only those who have been born again into this lineage reserve this right. 

Having realized this, I was forced to examine the state of our family, the children of God. I began to cry even more as I realized that, as a whole, we aren’t living like royalty. Instead of knowing our right and place in the kingdom, we’ve taken a position of peasants, paupers, beggars. We plead to God over our finances, careers, all the while He’s saying, “All I have is yours. Just use the keys. (Matthew 6:19)” From that moment, I resolved to continue to seek revelation of God’s kingdom keys.  My life will be a constant pursuit of seeing God’s kingdom manifested on earth.

  • 2. We haven’t seen what God has in store for us (1 Corinthians 2:9)

As I recounted the grandeur of the palace and all that the Queen has, I realized that she, in fact, is not the richest person alive. With all that she has, she still hasn’t reached the upper echelon of wealth Nonetheless, what she does have is priceless! And, although she does not have all of the wealth in the world, she still lives with the assurance that she’ll not lose her inheritance or be unseated. 

This confirmed several things for me. The first is that even in our earthly success, we’ve not seen what God has in store for us (1 Corinthians 2:9). In fact, the crown jewels, in all their jeweled glory, are but grain of sand in comparison to the crown of glory. God is inexhaustible, His measure we can’t even fathom. So, even as we work to attain those things that God has promised us, we should always be cognizant of the fact that we serve a limitless God and we have yet to reach the fullness of His goodness.

The second thing that was confirmed was that nothing can pluck of us out of God’s hand (John 10:28). There are no take-backs with God’s inheritance. Our heavenly seat is secure (Ephesians 2:6). The Queen’s family will always be royalty. It’s their birthright. As God’s born again children, we will always be royalty. It is our birthright and it affords us the right to enter God’s presence boldly (Hebrews 10:19)

  • 3. We are to bring gifts to the king

Many of the items that grace the halls of the palace where items gifted to the royal family over the years. These items were very rare, and I’m sure, in all cases expensive. The giver did not spare any expense in showing their pleasure with the sovereign ruler at the time. 

It was customary to present rulers with gifts, as displayed by the three wise men, who themselves were kings. In the same manner, we are to give God, our sovereign ruler, our best gifts-- the first fruit of our harvest. We should enter his gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). We should use our gifts and talents for the up-building of His kingdom on earth. And, even more importantly, we should present our treasure, or our money, to Him according to his command (Malachi 3:10). 

  • 4. Our inheritance is given to us at an appointed time

Though the Queen has had the right to her family’s inheritance and the throne since birth, she did not receive it until an appointed time. Likewise, we have access to all God owns, but it is all given at an appointed time (Galatians 4:1-2). As long as we are spiritually immature, our blessings, appointments, open doors are all under guardianship until we are able to manage them. Therefore, if we want to see the blessings of God manifest in our life, we must make all effort to mature in our spiritual walk.

  • 5. The King deserves honor

If you were to travel anywhere around England, you would see the Queen’s initials adorning almost everything. Furthermore, you’d also note that those of the land will refer to her as “The Queen, her majesty.” Though she does not govern (they have a parliament), her position as Queen is still honored and her name is still reverenced.

Here’s what this means for us: God still governs, and even more than the Queen, He should be honored and His name should be reverenced. We must acknowledge God for the deity that He is. We not only honor God through our praise and adoration, but we honor Him with our life (Romans 12:1). 

Needless to say, my trip was more than just a vacation. It was an opportunity to see life the way God intended. It was an opportunity for revelation. It was exactly what I needed to continue pressing on in my Kingdom journey. This trip gave me a better understanding of God and his intent for all of His heirs.

God has designed us for so much more. It’s time that we started living as Kingdom heirs and nothing less.